This should have every woman summer savior Part 6

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our energy through heating the air renklenip our rising wardrobe be facilitated.

If you have problems, what to wear in the summer, your shopping list to make suggestions.
So have an idea about your will, when you go shopping and instabilities do not win.
If your budget or time when you are on the rescuers in pieces elegant and sacrifice your comfort.
2015 Spring-Summer

White Dress

White dress can be your savior for the whole summer.
whether long or has a very good chance your sandals get fit and short ballerinas.
My favorite guipure detailed white dresses …
Jeans -shirt kombinleriyle

Jean-shirt every time and seasonal clothing be worn part of it.

I think a lot of people to be comfortable and stylish in suits daily use.
pants, skirts, shorts, you can use it with a skirt combine

Bohéme clothing
is not the will of the Bohemian trend of the 70’s to the fore not forget this season?

and its ethnic patterned dress in fashion this year could be even with your choice for comfortable use in summer

striped shirt
lines, lines, lines I like very much yes, there is a risk, shows overweight but not a problem that we know how to use it.

every detail that manifests to see this year.
But are this summer lines, especially if a striped shirt are included in.

2015 Summer Fashion


the weather warms shirt season opened 🙂
summer I think it is essential for any wardrobe.

Jeans Sport as kombinlen shoes with pants and skirts are doing very well.

Summer Trends-What


one of the most preferred garment I think the shorts.
Shorts jeans a little more importance lo ideal linen and in cotton shorts by me.

You can also use your heels to wear warm weather, as you can combine it with T-shirts and sweaters.

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