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Hello from the 2015 first post
I see you fashion more closely he shopping is not just that he really either borders ๐Ÿ™‚
at the same time he has to choose to go cardigans that there is a part that you look stylish warms you in this cold.
and classic are several options that you can use both protocols,

chic-male sweater

your cardigan wearing under T-shirts or you can wear in different kinds of T-shirt combined days.
if you enter both indoors and in the same time to protect against the cold, you can use the opportunity can not remove that sweater would be.

color choice Autumn Winter trends of the season, the color can be green or gray, choose colors like black.
is not afraid to wear bright sweater when worn with pieces in earth tones, elegant and trends appear.
I say, love you, I leave you with visual ..
male- clothing Fashion


 style-men Sweaters models

male sweater


Pictures Pinterest and street fashion
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