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I love decorating with related projects mainly attracts such practical and more interested if the ideas we own our can make.

I this bay every day I share the sites we wanted to meet with you like you like with visual and write share’m …

ordinary paint by a shelf extremely stylish and elegant, French-style conversion What about a table?

  • Screw Wall shelves
  • overhead projector
  • A4-acetate
  • Use a pointed marker
  • color
  • watercolor brush
  • part covers
  • level
  • masking
  • soft-tip pen
step 1: pattern draw on acetate. Then reflecting on the wall overhead projector and adjust the image to its actual size. Note: The above table should be your shelves long. , Use a spirit level to ensure that the pattern in the image flat
Tip: overhead projector library, conference room a sold or electronic devices you can also shop for rent.

step 2 , draw the pattern on the wall with a soft-tipped pen. Turn off the projector and make sure that you draw the entire design drawing
. Tip: Check brings the bounce rack placing tape. With this band, but also a straight line can draw.
Step 3 start painting. cool, all main lines in place cover continues to paint a thin brush. Fill the interior by painting with thick brush. when the overflowing parts, keep with you a damp cloth to remove excess paint.
Wall Rack-do
step 5 now on the first floor there are two times more color pack. Thus, the color will be fixed. Now you can dry
step 5: screw the Open rack holes.

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